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Something to Ponder

Life isn't always easy. In fact, life means struggles.

I came across something Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel said in an interview with NBC when asked the question before his death in 1972.

The interviewer asked him, "What is the essence of being human? What does it mean to live a human life?"

His answer is one I keep tacked above my desk to remind me I'm living the human condition, which means there will be problems.

Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel's exact reply:

"Actually, the greatness of man is that he faces problems. I would judge a person by how many deep problems he's concerned with. A person who has no problems is an idiot. Because a man has problems. And the more complicated he is, the deeper are his problems. I'm not against pleasure, but the greatness of life is the experience of facing a challenge. In a very deep sense, religion is two things. It's an answer to the ultimate problems of human existence, and it is a challenge to all answers. This is a deep ingredients of existence - problems. And the tragedy of our education today is that we are giving solutions: be complacent, have peace of mind, everything is fine. No! Wrestling is the issue. Facing the challenge is the issue."


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