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Fiery five-year-old Emily is semi-cooperative when her mother announces the idea of making a SPECIAL MEMORY one summer morning. She doesn’t want to get used to getting up early for kindergarten. Despite herself, Emily finds dancing in the warm rain with her older sister and mother while wearing pajamas fun until the storm changes. Emily’s mother then pulls her daughters indoors and teaches them how special memories make a difference in our lives. Emily doesn’t think a SPECIAL MEMORY will help in kindergarten until her first day when she remembers sticky wet pajamas and hair, along with warm mud squishing between her toes.

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Illustrated by Adryelle Villamizar

Picture book

Re-Released Date: Feb. 2021

Published by Christina Francine


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Audible Sample
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Audio of Special Memory available.

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Is your child fearful about going to school?

Special Memory may be able to help.

A playful, feel good story that suggests using positive memories to help in times of stress and difficulties can make a difference.

Positive memories can then provide strength and remind us “good” times will happen again.

Tips to Help Your Child Transition to Kindergarten
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Special Memory is a bookcrossing book and is on the go, traveling around. People are finding it at cafes, libraries, and many other places. If you find a copy, let everyone know where you found it by going to bookcrossing and entering the code from the inside cover. Read the story and then let it go back to traveling.

                                           Where Special Memory lands is anyone's guess.

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Praise for

Special Memory

"Special Memory is a modest story about helping an apprehensive child overcome her worry. It sounds easy enough. Create a special memory to help balance the fear. This tender story confidently illustrates the notion in a way that will be heartening to both child and adult. Parents will thank Christina Francine for her accessible gift of wisdom, which hides a transformative life skill in its gentle pages."

— Nina Fosati, Literary Author and Editor


Teaching Guide

Special Memories contains questions and activities that can be done together after reading.

The following is a small excerpt:

Activity & Discussion Questions:

Activity About Memories

   1.  Share two special memories with

        someone next to you, or write them down.

   2.  Tell or write about how the memory

         makes you feel when you think of it.

   3.  Tell or write about a special memory you

         would like to make.

   4.  Tell or write about when you would use

         that special memory.



  1. What special memories do you have to help you through bad times, and how do they make you feel when you remember them? (evaluation)

  2. Can you think of a time when remembering a special memory might help you feel better? Stronger? Like everything will be okay? (application)

  3. How are the mother and daughters alike? (comparison)

  4. How does the main character, Emily, feel about going out into the rain? Find an illustration which supports your answer (focus on the character's facial expression/s). Find something she says (focus on words). (comprehension)

  5. What would you do if your mother wanted to take you dancing in the rain? (application)

  6. Which part of the story made you laugh the most? Worry the most? (analysis)

  7. How would the story change if the lights hadn't gone out? (synthesis)

Coloring Pages

Free to download and for non-commercial use.

Click here to download a printable PDF.



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