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Rafiq looked puzzled and surprised at the same time. "I cannot believe it," he said. "A pen that can talk."

A fun story about a talking pen who tells corny jokes and becomes a Pakistani immigrant boy's best friend in America.


A unique idea—a talking pen. In an age where cell phones seem most kids' friends, the author resuscitates the original means of communication: the pen! A talking writing utensil becomes an immigrant boy's best friend. Not only will children learn to read, but have fun at the same time. Mr. Inker will bring smiles to immigrant and American children alike. The story may even cause a chuckle or two. Teachers and parents will like the learning within each story and the learning section at the back of the book.

MrInker One Bk Cov.jpg

Book #1 of the Mr. Inker series

Grade Level: Kindergarten - 6

A Level 3 Waldorf Reader

Release Date: Feb. 2020

ISBN-13: 978-1-64-764880-0


Audible Sample

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Audio of Mr. Inker Finds a Home available

Featured Content


Mr. Inker's Jokes


Why shouldn't you write with a broken pen?


Because it has no point.


Why did the pencil get a speeding ticket?


He had a lead foot.


Coloring Pages

Free to download and for non-commercial use.

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Praise for

Mr. Inker Finds a Home


"Mr. Inker is a pen that is created to tell a story of profound importance. It is a pen that talks, and is wise as it is humorous. The Author, Ms. Christina Francine, has evocatively brought us to the attention of how the children of today would rather play and learn with gadgets and computers, rather than use a pen/pencil to write and learn. A child's world today is centered around mechanical intervention. Ms. Francine has also portrayed a little of the fear that is faced by immigrants who move to another country to seek better lives for their families, especially for their children."

— Shobana Gomes (Poet/Writer), Malaysia

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