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Rafiq was glad Mrs. Adler said his name correctly. The boy with red sneakers whispered it wrong to the boy next to him saying instead “Ra-Freak.”

Rafiq misses his friends from Pakistan and a boy at school makes fun of his name. It is not easy being an immigrant in America. Rafiq knows he’s safer in “the land of the free,” yet he is homesick. When he receives a fancy pen for his birthday, he discovers his new best friend, a talking pen. Sometimes Mr. Inker is too proud and his jokes corny. He can be a real stinker, but he helps Rafiq with English words, makes him laugh, and finds a way to connect Rafiq with his old friends through traditional letter writing.


This Step 3 Waldorf Reader is perfect for boys and girls ages 5-8!


Book #2 of the Mr. Inker series

Grade Level: Kindergarten - 6

A Level 3 Waldorf Reader

40 pages

Release Date:   August 19, 2020

ISBN-13:  978-1643700083


Featured Content

Mr. Inker's Jokes


Why did the firefly get bad grades?


He wasn't very bright.


Audible Sample

Like to be read to?

Audio of Mr. Inker Goes to School available.


Available at Wal-Mart


What subject is the fruitiest?


History because it's full of dates.

Coloring Pages

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A unique idea - a talking pen.


In an age where cell phones seem most kids’ friends, the author resuscitates the original means of communication:  the pen!


A talking writing utensil becomes an immigrant boy’s best friend. Immigrant children will like reading a book about themselves combined with a little fun and magic. Not only will they learn to read, but have fun at the same time.


Mr. Inker will bring smiles to immigrant and American children alike.


The story may even cause a chuckle or two. Teachers and parents will like the learning within each story and the learning section at the back of the book.

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