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I've always found writing fun and a form of play. Pretending opened any door I wanted to try. One minute the backyard was an exciting far away planet, and the next a beckoning jungle. Play is limitless and is where creativity and invention live. Writing today is an extension of childhood for me, one where imagination and fun rule. Although at times it is hard work, it still brings happiness.


As an educator, I'd like to see students connect learning to play because not only does learning then become more interesting, but when tied with individuality, invention is the result. How are world problems solved? Well, through invention and being open to various ways of looking at things.


Thank you for visiting my site. My wish is for you to have more fun.


Christina Francine is an enthusiastic author and educator for all ages. Picture book, Special Memory (2021), and leveled reader series, Mr. Inker (2020), reflect her positive thinking and belief that individual learning style can solve world problems. Journal of Literary Innovation published her analysis on students’ writing across the nation Spring 2016, and reflect how important she believes literacy is. Short-story, “Friday Nights is Not a Good Time to Get Groceries” in Scream in the Night 2 anthology (2022), reflect her fun side. She’s published over 250 book reviews for authors and publishers, and a number of articles.

Christina holds a B.A cum laude in Children’s Literature and in Education from University at Castleton, Vermont, and a M.A in English Studies with a concentration in writing from SUNY Fredonia, New York. She also holds teacher certification for the State of New York and is a member of EGWG - Elk Grove Writer's Guild.

Christina teaches Writing I & II for the Writing Program at Buffalo State University in New York. She also teaches two business writing classes at University at Buffalo in New York. One is in the English Department and the other is in the Engineering Education Department. When time allows, she can be found working in elementary schools. 

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