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Military appreciation month officially recognized by Congress in May 1999, incorporates many holidays celebrating our women and men in the Armed Forces. Join us for a literary approach to celebrating the soldiers and families that proudly serve and protect our country.

Crafting military fiction whether it’s romance, fantasy, mystery, or any other genre mix isn’t easy. Each story has unique challenges. However, creating believable, relatable characters, scenes and plot lines is a goal all authors aspire to no matter how they write. That is why so many authors use tropes to get their creative juices flowing in familiar ways to encourage their readers to fall in love with their stories. What is a trope? Or more specifically what is a military trope? A military trope is a commonplace, recognizable plot element, theme, or visual cue that conveys something about the military.

Tropes can help make an alien situation or fictional scene feel familiar especially for those of us with no military experiences. So, using tropes in the right way can make your reader love your story that much more. Many readers across genres love military elements added to story lines. A great place to find ideas for military tropes is from other authors. Get inspired by other authors' use of tropes readers love, such as the veteran finding new adventures, the special forces soldier, the unknowing hero, or teaching kids about the American Flag. Whether you use tropes in a Tom Clancy style or old school like our favorite WWII vets: this blog hop will be an advantage.

And here is mine (Christina Francine):

Memorial Day

Honor & Respect for Those Who Served


Ever notice how those who've served in the military always honor and respect the flag? I have an uncle who served in the Korean War and he always salutes the flag or puts his hand over his heart when he comes upon a flag or America's national anthem is played. He's told me a little about his time in the war, but doesn't like to talk about it too much and says there were things he witnessed he will never forget. My aunt would say there were times through the years my uncle didn't sleep well and would have nightmares. 

I began paying attention at parades and other large gatherings such as sports.  Those who came to attention around the flag and upon hearing the national anthem often wore hats with a flag on them or some sort of military decal or patch. I also started listening better to what any military person had to say. What I've come to realize is that they associate the flag and national anthem with the sacrifice they and those who died in wars made. Make no doubt about it, they made a sacrifice. And they made it for all Americans. When we in turn show respect for the flag and the national anthem, we are saying to those who served we respect and honor you for what you've done for us. We thank you for helping us to remain free. On Memorial Day, we honor those who served and show our respect for the sacrifice they've have made.



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