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Picture Book Planet - Interview with Children's Book Author, Christina Francine

Donna Righi: What motivates you to write?

Christina: Imagining is fun and allows me to put out positive messages. For some reason, I’m driven to tell others everything will be okay and that they're worth more than they believe. I’ve always had a large imagination. My family was poor, and so this was the best toy/tool I had. I always wondered why adults didn’t play but instead sat there and talked.

In 4th grade, my teacher asked the class to write a story. This opened up a whole new way of

playing. The story I wrote happened to be about a talking pen, which decades later grew into my Mr. Inker series.

My imagination is still an amazing asset. Over the years I’ve come to find not everyone utilizes this great tool. Is it a matter of not having an imagination, or not pursuing it? I also wonder if those who do are labeled “artists” and “creative types.”


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