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Mr. Inker Finds a Home Receives Another Review

People from all over the world travel to America every day. Some even become part of our society and American citizens. But one young boy from Pakistan would learn a great many lessons from a unique and cherished birthday gift.

Mr. Inker has only one wish and that was hoping to be bought. Mr. Pathin sold office and party supplies and Mr. Inker was part of his inventory.

He was excited and thrilled when he heard people singing happy birthday. Never expecting to see the smiling and excited face of the young boy who peeled away the paper and was beaming at seeing him. Imagine a young child absolutely thrilled at receiving a pen from his grandfather for his birthday. Never owning a pen before this was a hallmark moment.

Taking Mr. Inker from the box that he came in, he looked him over, but what he did not know is that Mr. Inker was studying him too. Rafiq is the boy’s name and little did he know that Mr. Inker was not an ordinary pen.

Being mindful of his precious gift, Rafiq places it on a desk in his bedroom. But something happens and his life will change, and he will learn some valuable lessons from believe it or not, Mr. Inker!

Suddenly, he hears a voice and cannot imagine where it is coming from.

Mr. Inker wanted to share his secret with Rafiq. Placing his other gifts in his bedroom he thought about how much fun he had but something was missing. His friends from his old country. He wished they were there. Mr. Inker would help bring them closer to him in a different way.

Suddenly, the pen came alive and had two eyes, mouth, two arms and two legs. Rafiq could not believe what he saw or heard. Guess what? This pen’s eraser and ink can be replaced, and he will never need another pen. Mr. Inker and Rafiq talked and became acquainted. Taking Rafiq got to understand more about his gift and admitted not knowing a lot about pens.

Then Mr. Inker learned that Rafiq came from Pakistan and that his old country was different from America.

He missed his friends but was not sad about living in America.

Mr. Inker is not only a pen, he really understands Rafiq and found a unique way of helping him by contacting his friends in Pakistan.

Imagination pen that tells jokes. Imagine one that writes them. No, I bet you are wondering how! Author Christina Francine created an interesting and innovative character that she can bring back many times either teaching Rafiq needed lessons in life, or about his new country, even introducing some American friends. Watch what happens when they both write some jokes but to find out what they are you must read it for yourself.

Technology is great because we can email, text, or even send short note but what about writing a letter. Find out what Rafiq decides to do and how his new pen will help him if he does not know an English word. Which is better, an email, or a real letter that you or your friend can hold in you had and put away safely in an envelope or scrapbook to read repeatedly? Find out which he chooses and read the jokes that Mr. Inker adds.

This book teaches important lessons in friendship, differences in countries and introduces a precious young boy from Pakistan named Rafiq: happy emailing or using your own special pen? What is your choice and why? A great lesson for teachers to use as a writing prompt. A great book and I wish I had a Mr. Inker too!


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