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Interview with Lemon Drop Literary


Interview with Ellwyn Autumn at LEMON DROP LITERARY! is now live!

Lemon Drop Literary

Ellwyn asked me a few questions and begins with….

“Christina Francine’s motto is, imagination is key. Not only for artists but for everyone. It’s the key to our survival.

As an author, teacher and researcher, Christina infuses her beliefs into everything she does and hopes that others will get the message she’s helping to spread:

Students are individuals who crave liberation from formulaic curriculums and standardized tests. Like every generation whose come before them, they need to broaden their minds through creativity, trial and error and investigation; not regurgitate pre-packaged lessons that lack spontaneity, originality and FUN!

Christina enjoys cultivating medicinal herbs and is an Adjunct English Instructor at The University at Buffalo.”

~~Read the rest of the interview here: Check it out!

Lemon Drop Literary offers book reviews, teacher/author interviews, articles with education-related themes, and creative-writing prompts that can be used for any grade level. Let the journey begin!”



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