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In Picardy's Fields

Hannah Byron, 2020

Cover Design: Ebook Laurch

Interior Design: Jamie Davis

Hannah Byron Books, Sept. 20, 2020


306 pages, $12.99 Print, $4.99 Kindle

ISBN 10: 9083089207

ISBN 13: 987-9083089201

Byron provides readers a charming romance during one of the most unprecedented wars of slaughter and destruction. She manages to weave a graceful tale around one of the most haunting periods of contention where 16 million soldiers and civilians lost their lives. In Picardy’s Fields is a tender and engaging account for those who like historical novels combined with romance. Readers will find themselves rooting for fascinating and heroic characters in the middle of a brutal World War 1 battlefield.

The year is 1918 and the location Paris. World War 1 had entered its fourth year and young Agnes de Saint-Aubin finished her schooling as an assistant surgeon. She’d spent considerable time working alongside her mentor, Professor Alan Bell, a respected American surgeon at the American Hospital in Paris. She’s spirited, strong, and one of very few female surgeons for the time. Unfortunately, she’d fallen in love with Alan. The problem was he was married, and not to just anybody, but to a famous French painter named Suzanne Blanchard. When Alan announced he intended to spend time in hospital close to a battlefield called Dragoncourt, Agnes decides she wants to help too. Alan doesn’t like the idea thought. It’s dangerous. Agnes’ loving step-father, the Baron Maximilien de Saint-Aubin et famille, agrees however, and before long, the couple are on their way to the most rewarding and dangerous times of their lives.

For a time, Agnes and Alan do make a difference saving Allied soldiers, and though their relationship deepens, it remains a friendship. Suddenly, the medieval castle turned hospital, is invaded by German soldiers and Agnes and Alan are forced to save enemy soldiers. Their lives are at stake and they’re worn out. When Agnes learns who the invading German general is, her worry causes further concern and she contrives a façade. The charade isn’t altogether terrible though until the general learns of their shenanigans.

An elegant tale of heroism in the face of brutality. Byron doesn’t disappoint. Vivid and heartwarming.



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