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Deep Psychologist Michael Penn Explains How Imagination is Essential to Our Happiness in Parabola

January 12, 2020

This time of the year many struggle with a dark way of looking at things. I've run into numerous friends and relatives in the past two weeks who have mentioned a bout with depression. We don't see the sun much in many parts of the world in January, especially those who live in the Northern hemisphere. A few ideas I've heard of to help are getting outdoors, spending time under imitation sunlight lamps, taking more vitamin D, getting together with friends and family more often, and of course, one of my favorites, being creative.

Being creative is tied to play. Many of us certainly need more play in our lives.

Here is an article to encourage creativity by Professor Penn, a Clinical Psychologist and Professor of Psychology at Franklin & Marshall College.

Just one more reason imagination is good for us. In his article on Hope and Hopelessness on Oct. 27, 2018, deep psychologist Michael Penn shares why imagination is crucial for our happiness and stability. In an interview in Parabola, a publication known for work in “the search for meaning,” Penn says “the power of imagination is absolutely critical in order to envision a life that’s different from the life that one is living.” I believe he is saying imagination is tied to hope. If we don’t have hope, continuing on is quite difficult. We have to have a positive vision and a belief in that vision to continue on with life, especially when we feel beaten up. He also shares his thoughts on the human spirit’s importance in keeping us going “in spite of the stress and the difficulties.” This is in a paper he wrote titled “Mind, Medicine, and Metaphysics.” The vision Penn sees for our birthing new world is there too.



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