• Christina Francine

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the story:

"Friday Nights Are Not a Good Time to Get Groceries"

in the upcoming Anthology:

i A Scream in the Night, Horror Stories

by Women Writers II

by Black Bed Sheet Books Anticipated Release Date: August 2022

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Black Bed Sheet Books



When do you get your groceries? Think it matters? For Beth and her daughter, it does.

When Beth comes into Better Foods Friday night to purchase her weekly groceries, she finds herself face-to-face with a demon-woman with bulging eyes, and is forced to utilize the only item available in a locked grocery-store, and admits that her elderly neighbor’s warning was spot-on. How will she get her daughter and herself out before it's too late?

The rumor of a demonic old woman who makes people disappear is thought by many to be a back-firing publicity-stunt to draw customers, but Lawrence Herkles doesn’t pay any attention to rumors. He simply wants to rob Better Foods, and to shut his nagging wife up about feeding their family and paying the rent. When a commotion starts inside the store he’s trying to rob, Lawrence decides to take advantage of the opportunity until he too comes face-to-face with the monster who determined he’s the disrespectful man responsible months ago for causing her demise.

Not until the end is Beth’s unusual weapon revealed, yet a common one found on grocery store shelves.