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Witch Forgotten

by V. Vaughn

Witch Forgotten (1-6 Witches of Night Meadow)

V. Vaughn, July 7, 2019

220 pages

ASIN # 07TZHVQD3 - $4.99

ISBN # 978-1079232554 - $15.00

Sometimes family makes a difference, even though we don’t see it at the time. Corrine Knight is a good witch, just like her mother and sisters, and the small community she lives in. The area sits on an island called Night Meadow, off the coast of the state of Maine.

Corrine held onto the distant past to the point that it would affect her future. What if she didn’t remember the grudges, especially those associated with the man she loved, Noah Wilson. Would they be together like everyone else knew they should be?

Vaughn’s tale is a fast read. Corrine and her family add to the fun because they’re witches. Readers learn about their powers as the characters sprinkle them. One minute, readers learn they can help raise the trusses of a building going up, the next they’re healing through the deep tissue of someone’s back, or they’re encouraging the golf ball of a girl on a date to land in the hole. The witches and their shenanigans are amusing to say the least.

Witch Forgotten is a wholesome love story and is for those who like contemporary fiction combined with magic, especially if the magic involves witches.


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