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Review of Special Memory at Indies Today

Review by R. C. Gibson

Jan. 2, 2020

Special Memory revolves around a young girl and her sister Becky. Shortly before beginning the school year, their mother takes them outside in a rain storm to play and have fun. Then the mother brings the children inside for a teaching lesson, explaining that happy memories can help them when difficult things occur. When one of the girls attends kindergarten, she remembers the special memory that she formed with her mom and sister and it makes her day better.

Many children struggle with separation anxiety when they first begin attending school. This book may be very helpful for children in that position or any stressful situations. The overall message is one of remembering a special time to alleviate a child’s apprehension. The story is sweet and educational, and the pictures add a delightful touch. There is also a teaching guide in the back, although it deals more with weather than with anxiety or school. Also, some aspects of the teaching guide feel a little mature for the kindergarten aged children that the book seems to be primarily directed toward.

Special Memory is a great book for children that suffer from separation anxiety or are anxious about starting school. Reading Christina Francine’s charming book with your child may just create a special memory for you!



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