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Mr. Inker Finds a Home receives its first review

Shobana Gomes of Simply Shobana shares here thoughts.

Mr. Inker is a pen that is created to tell a story of profound importance. It is a pen that talks, and is wise as it is humorous.

The Author, Ms.Christina Francine, has

evocatively brought us to the attention of how the children of today would rather play and learn with gadgets and computers, rather than use a pen/pencil to write and learn. A child's world today is centered around mechanical intervention.

Ms.Francine has also portrayed a little of  the fear that is faced by immigrants who move to another country to seek better lives for their families, especially for their children.

I would recommend Mr.Inker finds a Home, written with a little humor, and much imagination, to her targeted readers, as it fosters deeper understanding towards the plight of immigrants in children, and invokes greater interest in learning with traditional tools.

Review by: Shobana Gomes (Poet/Writer)


About the book

The Mr. Inker Finds a Home is the first in a series and is a level #3 Waldorf Reader.

To Purchase

$6.99 USA, $10.99 CANADA

ISBN-10: 1647648807

ISBN-13: 978-1647648800


Grade Level: Kindergarten – 6

Paperback: 44 pages

Language: English

Product Dimensions: 6 x 0.1 x 9 inches

Level #3 is Independent Reading → Grade 1-3

-Exciting and relatable characters. -Plots and story lines that are relatable and easy to follow. -Topics students enjoy. -No more than 3 syllable words. -Level 3 Waldorf Readers have bigger paragraphs and words that will challenge and engage


-Level 3 means: 40 pages, 680-720 words, and no more than 3 syllables.


Waldorf Readers have 4 levels to guide your students to independent reading.

Each level collection has interesting stories, unique characters and colorful illustrations. All Waldorf Readers are original works with characters your students will enjoy. Waldorf Publishing strives to accommodate a full reading experience for any students at any reading level.

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