Upcoming Novel

Asima, Special Forces Dream-Guardian for Earth's Children


Here is a little preview about the fantasy novel I'm working on. 

*  Novel Length: Estimated final word count 76,862 and about 290 pages.


*  Category:  New Adult


*  One-word description:  Protector


*  Overview Descriptor:  Fairytale meets Greek Myth.


*  Overview Style:  Like Wonder Woman, only as a petite fairy instead of a super  

    human amazon.


*  Troupe:  Forbidden Love


*  One-line description: 


 ASIMA, SPECIAL FORCES DREAM-GUARDIAN FOR EARTH’S CHILDREN struggles against new         level nightmares striking Earth's children, but how can she win when her own dreams are haunted, and she’s distracted by a human she can never be with?


*  Description Blurb:


 ASIMA, SPECIAL FORCES DREAM-GURADIAN FOR EARTH’S CHILDREN, is charged with investigating whether a connection exists between new dangerous level nightmares and true love to save her own planet. When the feisty dreamkeeper struggles to banish two particular new nightmares to save twelve-year-old Callie, she wonders if there is a connection to heightened revenge. Asima denies love exists but cannot help herself when she stumbles upon a human named Nicholas and enters his dreams,

something forbidden. Asima may lose more than her title. She may lose her life.